Plastic Surgery Specialist in Las Vegas Offers Fly in for Surgery Option

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, practicing plastic surgery near Las Vegas, takes distance out of the equation for women and men from across the country with his ‘Fly in for Surgery‘ option.

Henderson, Nevada (June 2011) – SurgiSpa™, a center for plastic surgery near Las Vegas, is offering people across the nation the opportunity to experience their extensive list of surgical and nonsurgical treatments with their Fly In for Surgery program. Dr. Arthur Cambeiro says he’s excited to share his skills and experience with a greater number of women and men. SurgiSpa™ added this program so people from across the country could easily enjoy the benefits of having their plastic surgery procedures performed by a board-certified plastic surgeon offering extensive services and experience.

“Our fly in program is the perfect opportunity for women and men to get away from the stresses of everyday life and recover in privacy,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “Las Vegas provides an ideal destination for this experience, and for people to achieve their cosmetic goals. One of the greatest pleasures of being a board-certified plastic surgeon is providing a quality experience for each person that walks through our doors. The fly in program will help me provide this service to a greater number of people, and I look forward to personalizing each person’s procedure.”

Breast augmentation in Las Vegas is extremely popular, as it is across the nation. However, Dr. Cambeiro, voted among the “Top Docs 2011” in Las Vegas Life magazine, and his staff pride themselves on providing a unique experience for each person. Aside from breast augmentation, SurgiSpa™ offers a wide range of surgical and nonsurgical procedures. Dr. Cambeiro says these procedures can be performed alone, or combined with complementary procedures, to make the most of a person’s plastic surgery and fly in for surgery experience.

“Whether you’re visiting my practice for body contouring or a facial cosmetic surgery procedure, I have carefully chosen and trained my staff to cater to the unique needs of each person,” notes Dr. Cambeiro. “We also offer a number of options for your skin care needs, which can enhance the results of your procedure.”

The fly in program at SurgiSpa™ allows people the opportunity to come in for a consultation before surgery to get a general feel for the practice. During a consultation, people will be able to go over specific options for each procedure, such as choosing breast implants in Las Vegas. For a more cost-effective solution, people can choose the virtual consultation process. Regardless, Dr. Cambeiro and his staff are committed to providing personalized care to each person.

“I believe one of the keys to having a successful plastic surgery procedure is through choosing the right surgeon,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “Even if you can’t visit my practice prior to your procedure, we’ll set up opportunities for you to express your cosmetic goals, and to get a feel for SurgiSpa™. We want everyone to feel comfortable, and to explore the many benefits to having plastic surgery in Las Vegas.”

Dr Cambeiro offers a full cosmetic surgery menu in his Las Vegas practice – liposuction, face lift, and more. Interested? Give our office a call at (702) 734-4100 or fill out our contact form and we’ll walk you through the steps.

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