Breast Reduction with Lift Case 3

Breast Incision Type

Inverted T

Cup Size

Before: F After: C


Overly large breasts can contribute to physical discomfort, self-consciousness, and a damaged body image. When this woman decided to meet with me, she wanted to find out more about how plastic surgery in Las Vegas could reduce her discomfort and create a higher, more proportional breast shape that would look and feel right for her body.

For many patients, a saggy or droopy breast shape results from a combination of age and other factors, which cause the skin to loosen and allow the breast tissues to lose their higher, rounder shape. For others patients like this one, however, the sagging is due mostly to the extra weight of large breasts. Based on this patient’s goals and examination, I recommended a combination reduction and lift procedure with an inverted-T incision. This approach is particularly effective to remove larger amounts of excess skin or tissue because it allows the surgeon greater access to a larger area of the breast.

After her procedure, you can see that this patient is enjoying a significantly better breast shape from her breast enhancement surgery. Las Vegas breast lift patients should expect some level of scarring, but though this patient is only partway through the healing process, you can see that her scars are already fading significantly. In the side view photo, you can also see that her improved breast shape allows her to stand straighter, presenting a more positive and self-assured appearance.

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