Breast Reduction with Lift Case 2

Breast Incision Type

Inverted T

Cup Size

Before: F After: C


When this woman visited me seeking cosmetic surgery in Las Vegas, she explained that she was very unhappy with the size and shape of her breasts, in addition to the position of her nipples, which were pointing downward. To reverse this problem, we discussed breast reduction surgery to help reshape and lift her breasts to a more flattering position. Her goal was to reduce her original F cup size to a C for better proportionality.

Overly large breasts like this woman’s are often accompanied by severe back and neck pain. Women who choose breast reduction can feel much freer afterward to participate in physical activities like exercise without the discomfort they used to experience. In many cases, breast reduction is combined with a liposuction procedure in Las Vegas for a more complete makeover that restores balance and body symmetry. For this woman, I used an inverted-T incision type to lift her breasts while reducing the amount of breast tissue and repositioning the nipple for a more attractive result.

This woman is very satisfied with the results of her breast reduction and lift. Her breasts now have a much more defined shape. She is also very happy to see how this one improvement has enhanced her entire appearance, making her waist look slimmer and longer. Her breasts have a very natural shape, post-procedure, and her incision lines will continue to fade as the healing process continues.

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