Facelift Case 4



Over time, the elasticity of our facial skin begins to weaken and we begin to notice those undesirable signs of aging like deep lines around the mouth and loose, thinner skin that hangs below the jaw line. This middle-aged woman came to my office wanting to rejuvenate her facial appearance through cosmetic surgery. As a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, I have had the privilege of helping numerous women and men revitalize their appearance through procedures like face lift and neck lift, so we discussed a few different approaches before I made a recommendation.

Because this woman was noticeably developing deep wrinkles and sagging skin throughout her chin and neck, she was particularly interested in the benefits that a mini face lift at my Las Vegas office would offer for her entire appearance. While a face lift cannot stop the aging process, it can make significant improvements to mask the obvious signs. During a mini face lift, small inconspicuous incisions are made and excess skin is removed to tighten facial skin and tissues gently, resulting in a more youthful look.

This woman was very pleased with the outcome of her mini face lift. As the profile view of her “after” photo shows, she is seeing considerable improvements to the loose skin over her neck and around her mouth. She now looks and feels years younger and is completely delighted that her results don’t look “pulled,” but natural and fresh.

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