Facelift Case 3



This woman came to my offices seeking a cosmetic surgery procedure in Las Vegas that would reverse the noticeable effects of aging that were beginning to show on her face. She was concerned that her eyes looked hollow because her upper eyelids drooped into her line of vision and noticeable bags below her eyes gave them a “pulled” appearance. During her consultation, we decided that a facelift with upper and lower blepharoplasty was the right choice to enliven the look of her eyes, and also reshape the contours of her upper face to help her appear younger.

Facial combination procedures are increasingly common as people want to correct several signs of aging at once. My goal was to gently lift and tighten much of the thin, excess skin that hung below her chin and neck, most noticeable in her profile “before” picture. I carefully sculpted the skin and tissues to create a more defined-looking neck, and performed blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, both above and below her eyes to tighten her excess tissues and give her eyes better definition compared to the overall shape of her face.

After this woman’s blepharoplasty and face lift in Las Vegas, she feels much more refreshed and loves her appearance. Her “after” pictures show an obvious improvement to the look of her eyes, and her entire face appears much more lively and emotive as a result. She no longer has loose skin around her eyelids, and I was able to tighten and smooth her facial tissues significantly without making it obvious that she has had cosmetic surgery.

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