Facelift Case 1



This 55 year-old woman from Edina, Minnesota was unhappy with the way her skin was beginning to crease and sag. Because of sun damage and other factors her skin was losing elasticity, giving way to crow’s feet at the corner of her eyes, jowls near her jaw line, and folds near her chin. She was looking for a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas who was board-certified and had trained at the Mayo Clinic, specifically. Based on a friend’s recommendation, she decided to schedule an appointment with me. Together, we decided the best approach to accomplish her goals would include a combination of facelift, eyelid surgery, and a minimal-incision brow lift.

A facelift significantly improves the look of the whole face by tightening and smoothing the soft tissues of the mid-face and neck. However, this procedure will not address brow wrinkles or loose eyelid tissue, so in this patient’s procedure I incorporated other techniques to improve those areas at the same time. Eyelid surgery begins with tiny incisions along either the lash line or the natural lid fold, which allow me to remove the loose skin or fatty pockets that make eyes appear baggy and “tired.” An endoscopic brow lift adjusts loose muscles and excess skin above the eyebrows through several small incisions at the hairline, which hides any scarring. I focus on lifting the forehead muscles and surface tissues to smooth out the “frown lines” that typically appear in this area.

After her combined procedure, this patient is enjoying a much brighter and more youthful appearance. The diminished creases, lines and folds around her mouth complement the younger, more natural contours of her face, her skin looks firmer and smoother, and her eyes appear more open and alert. Altogether this patient is very pleased with the outcome of her facelift in Las Vegas.

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