Liposuction of Extremity Case 3

Dr. Cambeiro


This woman came for a consultation with Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro because she was upset with the loose skin and stretch marks on her belly and the general lack of tone in her midsection following pregnancy.

During her consultation, Dr. Cambeiro carefully reviewed her existing anatomy and recommended a tummy tuck to improve the appearance of the stomach area along with liposuction in Las Vegas, which helped to tailor and tone her “love handles” and mid-body area.

Women who come to Dr. Cambeiro’s practice are often confused about the difference between tummy tucks and liposuction. After pregnancy or significant weight loss, a woman is likely to have stretched abdominal muscles that do not retighten completely. She is also likely to have excess fat deposits and loose skin. Liposuction will only address the pockets of unwanted fat. A tummy tuck is needed to tighten loose skin and muscle tissue.

This patient’s surgery was performed on an outpatient basis. She is extremely happy with her Las Vegas liposuction and tummy tuck results. She now feels much more comfortable about the appearance of her body both in and out of clothing. She is particularly pleased to see her stretch marks appear much less prominent.

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