Liposuction of Trunk Case 12



This patient’s before and after photos show that substantial body reshaping is possible with liposuction in Las Vegas. She came to SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery wanting help toning her mid-body appearance.

During her consultation, Dr. Cambeiro noted areas of excess fat in her abdominal area, her flanks ( the area on her sides above her hips) and on her lower back. She was fortunate to have good abdominal muscle tone, and while she could have achieved additional slimming and tightening in the stomach area with a tummy tuck, she preferred liposuction alone, which is less invasive and provides a shorter recovery time.

Her procedure was performed in an outpatient setting and she was able to head home just a few hours after surgery was completed. Her results are dramatic from every angle. From the front, you can see that her “love handles” have been downsizes. From the side, her belly appears noticeably flatter. From behind, the folds on her lower back have been eliminated.

Everyone considering liposuction should keep in mind that this plastic surgery procedure in Las Vegas is first and foremost about body sculpting, not weight loss. While it is true that a few pounds of excess fat are removed during the typical procedure, the primary goal is to create a more pleasing body contour. This patient now feels that her mid-section is in better proportion to the rest of her body.

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