Liposuction of Trunk Case 13



This woman decided to come for a consultation with Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro primarily because she was frustrated by the loose, flabby look of her abdomen. Her hips were also a concern because excess fat in that area gave her a thicker, less toned appearance.

At her consultation Dr. Cambeiro examined her anatomy and medical history, and explained her options. Often, patients tend to think that tummy tuck is the only solution for a loose-looking tummy, but in reality tummy tuck chiefly addresses looseness caused by abdominal muscles that have stretched due to pregnancy or weight loss. For patients whose flab is caused mainly to localized fat deposits, liposuction is generally more effective.

Sometimes, Dr. Cambeiro will recommend a combination procedure to address both causes of a flabby-looking midsection, but this patient demonstrated firmer abdominal muscles and good skin elasticity, so he recommended liposuction alone, which he offers as an outpatient procedure.

Today, this patient is highly pleased with her results. Her new, smoother contour has a slimming effect that highlights her feminine curves in a much more flattering way. As a result of this patient’s Las Vegas liposuction, she feels much more comfortable with her body in both public and intimate situations, and enjoys the confidence that comes with a more attractive shape.

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