ThermiRase®: A long-lasting alternative to BOTOX®

ThermiRase is part of the advanced skin rejuvenating Thermi system now offered at our Las Vegas office. It’s a zero-downtime, non-surgical way to smooth lines between the eyes and vertical neck bands, and can be a longer-lasting treatment than BOTOX. As with BOTOX, ThermiRase treats dynamic wrinkles, which are caused by repeated muscle contractions.

How does the Thermi system work?

Thermi delivers radiofrequency (RF) energy to the skin, which firms and tightens by renewing the production of collagen through gentle heating. The Thermi system emits and continuously monitors the level of RF energy either on the surface of this skin or just beneath the surface, depending on the treatment.

The ThermiRase procedure

By zapping specific points of the nerves that cause these muscles to contract, a process called nerve ablation, the muscles are temporarily paralyzed. Patients typically notice improvement right after treatment, and little to no downtime is needed. While BOTOX usually lasts months, ThermiRase may last up to 2 years, although experiences vary.

Who should consider ThermiRase?

ThermiRase is perfect for those who want to smooth wrinkles on the face and neck without surgery or downtime. Click to see patient results.

Want to know more about the Thermi system?

Learn more about ThermiVa for vaginal rejuvenation and ThermiBreast, a non-surgical breast lift option, on our blog, or take a look at our full range of Thermi options on our website.

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