Breast Enlargement Surgeon in Las Vegas Awarded Breast Aesthetics Council Appointment

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, Las Vegas breast enlargement surgeon and founder of Surgispa™ Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery Center, is one of few surgeons appointed to the NOVO Council for Leaders in Breast Aesthetics, which taps the experience of exceptional breast surgeons for input on new surgical technologies.

Las Vegas, Nevada (April 2009) – Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas was recently awarded an appointment to NOVO, the National Advisory Council for Leaders in Breast Aesthetics, an elite group of fewer than 100 surgeons who are at the forefront of aesthetic breast surgery in the United States. Dr. Cambeiro has helped developed new approaches for procedures such as breast lift and breast enlargement from his Las Vegas surgical clinic, and his appointment to NOVO follows numerous other peer awards he has received for his surgical �_results.

“I am certainly very honored to receive this appointment,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “As a breast enlargement surgeon in Las Vegas, I have found it is extremely important to remain actively involved in the latest developments in my field, so I am excited to contribute my experience along with my colleagues. I expect to see our work through this forum help enhance the quality and effectiveness of plastic surgery devices and, in the long run, of the quality of the results we can offer to our patients.”

Through NOVO, surgeons evaluate the efficacy of new devices and products in plastic surgery, then provide feedback to help guide their design and development. Because this process requires extensive familiarity with new techniques and approaches to cosmetic surgery procedures like breast enlargement and breast lift in Las Vegas, as well as the experience necessary to provide constructive feedback, fewer than 100 surgeons in the US have been awarded the privilege of participating on the council.

“Most Las Vegas plastic surgeons will learn about the latest developments through seminars and research publications,” explains Dr. Cambeiro. “However, research involvement and active participation in influential organizations like the American Society for Plastic Surgeons are also very important. At my practice, my staff and I are passionate about providing the highest possible quality of care, and an important part of that is having up-to-date information that helps guide us when advising patients about their options.”

Dr. Cambeiro, who specializes in “scarless” breast enlargement surgeries, performs these procedures using an endoscope and the latest generation of either saline or silicone-gel breast implants. He also offers a full complement of other technologically advanced procedures such as ultrasonic-assisted liposuction and laser resurfacing.

“Today, patients and plastic surgeons in Las Vegas have a broad spectrum of technologies to choose from, and many of these are developing quickly,” he says. “As a surgeon I think it is very important to understand how and why these technologies are developing, and to play a role in shaping them to be more effective. This is exactly what NOVO participation allows me to do, so for both me and my patients it is a very exciting opportunity.”

Dr. Cambeiro offers customized breast enlargement procedures in Las Vegas, and is recognized by plastic surgeons and professional groups for his skill and attention to detail. To learn more about your options, he invites you to request a consultation with him or get in touch with his offices at (702) 734-4100

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