New BOTOX® Cosmetic Bottle May Improve Las Vegas Injection Safety

Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro recommends that patients request the new single-use “Red Bottle” of BOTOX® Cosmetic for Las Vegas wrinkle treatments in order to ensure safer and more effective injection practices.

Las Vegas, Nevada (March 2009) – Until recently, BOTOX® Cosmetic was universally packaged and used in a purple 100-unit dose bottle and labeled for use with one patient per bottle. However, as most patients do not use the entire 100 units contained in the purple bottle, practitioners have typically used the large purple BOTOX bottle on multiple patients. Dr. Arthur Cambeiro, a board-certified plastic surgeon offering BOTOX Cosmetic from his Las Vegas cosmetic surgery offices, explains that this use created pitfalls for both patients and surgeons, and believes that the new packaging offers people choosing BOTOX in Las Vegas opportunities to enjoy safer and more effective procedures.

“The older packaging posed several problems,” Dr. Cambeiro explains. “Primarily, multiple-use practices can lead surgeons to breach universal safety precautions, compromising patient safety and facilitating the spread of disease. In some cases, the multi-use policy led surgeons to dilute the BOTOX product as well as storing it longer than recommended. This has led to a decrease in longevity and efficacy of results. This, I feel, is why some Las Vegas BOTOX patients would say, ‘My BOTOX did not last very long’ or, ‘I really did not see results I was promised.'”

In the state of Nevada, the health department recently issued a statement mandating that all single-use bottles should not be used on multiple patients, regardless of safety precautions that are taken. Dr. Cambeiro abides by all state and federal regulations. Accordingly, Dr. Cambeiro and SurgiSpa™ Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery promote the policy of one bottle of BOTOX per patient. The new “Red Bottle” of BOTOX contains only 50 units of product, which more readily corresponds to single-patient use. Dr. Cambeiro is proud to offer this new red bottle of BOTOX in his Las Vegas cosmetic surgery office.

Dr. Cambeiro suggests that, to ensure their personal health and results, all patients should ask for the new single-patient use red bottle. “If their injector uses the larger purple bottle, the patient must request to have the bottle opened in front of them and, further, request that the bottle be disposed of properly. This will help promote better patient safety practices and results.”

At SurgiSpa in Las Vegas, the new BOTOX Red Bottle is presented to each patient individually for their own personal, immediate use. By avoiding the pitfalls of multiple-use vials, each patient helps ensure that they will receive a full, non-diluted dose of fresh BOTOX in Las Vegas. Additionally, since the bottle is never shared with other patients, patients and surgeons can significantly minimize the potential for a breakdown in universal health precautions.

For a limited time, SurgiSpa Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas is offering a special to all new patients who transfer their injectable medical records to SurgiSpa from their previous physician’s office, cosmetic surgery practice, or medical spa. The new red bottle of BOTOX Cosmetic will be $375 and JUVÉDERM® Injectable Gel will be $375 for one syringe and $700 for two syringes. The regular price for BOTOX is $550 per bottle and for JUVÉDERM is $600 per syringe. This is a limited-time offer that expires May 1, 2009, and restrictions do apply. Contact SurgiSpa in Las Vegas at 702.566.8300.

Dr. Arthur Cambeiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has trained extensively to offer high-quality, accurate enhancements like breast augmentation, face lift, and BOTOX® Cosmetic to Las Vegas patients. Learn more about Dr. Cambeiro’s extensive surgical options and find out how you can take advantage of safe, reliable BOTOX procedures at a reduced price when you request a consultation online.

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