How to Choose Your Breast Augmentation Incision

Once you’ve decided you’re ready for breast augmentation at my Las Vegas practice, there are a few exciting decisions you’ll get to make, including breast implant size and type. You’ll also want to think about placement for the incision. Here’s an overview of each of the three incision types, including the advantages and disadvantages for each.

Incision option 1: Periareolar

This incision placement is at the lower edge of the areola.


  • The scar is concealed.
  • Incision works with most implant types, except shaped/anatomical implants.
  • I have clear access to position the implant.


  • Affects breastfeeding.
  • Could decrease sensation in nipple area.
  • Could cause capsular contracture, or hardening of breast tissue.

Incision option 2: Inframammary

This placement is underneath the breast.


  • The scar is concealed.
  • Works with all implant types.
  • I have clear access to position the implant.


  • The scar can be visible when lying down.

Incision option 3: Transaxillary (endoscopic)

This placement is in the natural crease within armpit.


  • No scar on the breast.
  • Shorter recovery than with other options.
  • Risk of complications is reduced.


  • Not suited for silicone implants.
  • Could cause capsular contracture.

Which option is the right one?

This depends on the patient. There’s no single incision that’s right for everyone. During your free, personalized consultation, we’ll discuss factors that will help determine which incision will work best for you. This includes body type, amount of natural breast tissue, your desired end result, type of implant, personal preference for scar location, and whether you’ll also need a breast lift. We’ll also talk about any other questions or concerns you may have. As a breast augmentation specialist, my priority is ensuring you’re educated and confident about your choices. You can learn more about the consultation process in this related blog post.

You can see some of my real patients’ results by browsing through our photo gallery of before-and-after photos.

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