Liposuction of Extremity Case 2



Women experience a “muffin top” look for a variety of reasons, and in many cases these frustrating fatty deposits on the hips will not respond to diet and exercise. This patient decided to meet with Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro because she was tired of feeling self-conscious about her body even in attractive clothes, and wanted to look as healthy as she felt.

At her consultation, Dr. Camberio discussed her needs and health habits. He also explored the benefits and limitations of each option. A Las Vegas tummy tuck, for example, would not be necessary in this patient’s case because she had good abdominal muscle tone. Her loose, protuberant-looking belly actually resulted from localized fatty deposits between the muscle and the skin, which usually respond best to liposuction.

For this patient, Dr. Cambeiro recommended liposuction to target both the lower-belly fat and the bulgy areas around the front and back sides of her hips. Dr. Cambeiro usually offers this procedure on an outpatient basis because it involves quick recovery and only minimal discomfort.

Today, this patient is extremely pleased with the results of her Las Vegas liposuction. Her smoother contour flatters her form overall, for a better look and more confident self-presentation, so even her friends and family notice the change.

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