Plastic Surgeon Offers Hidden-Scar Breast Enlargements in Las Vegas

By performing endoscopic breast augmentation, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro can provide his patients with an enhanced look without the need for incisions or scars on the breasts themselves.

Las Vegas, November 2007—Many women considering breast enlargements in Las Vegas want a more voluptuous look, but would prefer not to have scars on their breasts as telltale signs of plastic surgery. For women who want to avoid scarring on their breasts after their surgical procedure, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro offers a breast augmentation technique that uses incisions placed in the armpit, a technique also known as transaxillary endoscopic augmentation mammoplasty.

Dr. Cambeiro is one of the only plastic surgeons in Las Vegas using this state-of-the-art technique for breast augmentation. Endoscopic breast augmentation has been performed for over a decade by surgeons with specialized equipment and training to minimize the appearance of surgical scars by placing them in well-hidden locations. Using a small incision in the armpit, Dr. Cambeiro carefully inserts and positions each breast implant before stitching the incision closed. Once the incision in the armpit has had a chance to heal, most women choosing these types of breast enlargements in Las Vegas report that scarring is difficult to see even when they raise their arms.

“An underarm scar is not very visible in the first place,” says Dr. Cambeiro, who with his staff operates SurgiSpaTM Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery just outside of Las Vegas. “Breast augmentation patients also find that their scars fade over time. Even in revealing clothes and swimsuits, most women will not have visible scarring after this procedure.”

The key technology that makes this incision method possible is the endoscope. An endoscope is a medical device consisting of a tiny fiber optic camera at the end of a slender wand. It is used to see inside the body, helping Dr. Cambeiro properly place each breast implant, and its small size eliminates the need for large incisions during breast augmentation.

“Las Vegas women, like women across the country, want to look great and have the freedom to wear what they want to wear,” adds Dr. Cambeiro. “With such limited scarring, you can feel much more confident in a swimsuit or more revealing clothing.”

During an initial consultation at his office near Las Vegas, plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro discusses which of the three access incision locations is right for each patient. In addition to the transaxillary (armpit) endoscopic method, implants also can be placed using a periareolar incision (around the lower part of the areola, the dark skin that surrounds the nipple) or inframammary incision (where the lower part of the breast attaches to the chest wall). While the endoscopic approach is a good choice for many women, Dr. Cambeiro takes the time to explain the complications that can occur with this approach, such as implant malposition and bleeding at the incision site.

“The complications are comparable to other incision methods,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “And in fact, some post-surgical complications are less likely to occur when using the hidden-scar technique. For most women, endoscopic breast augmentation offers significant benefits.”

SurgiSpa™ Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery ( serves patients in the Las Vegas, Nevada area, offering a full range of cosmetic surgery and medical spa services. Dr. Cambeiro is a board-certified plastic surgeon who received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Colorado and completed surgical residencies at the Phoenix Integrated Surgical Residency Program and the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Dr. Cambeiro is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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