Plastic Surgeon Offers No Breast Scar Augmentation in Las Vegas Using Silicone Implants

For women who choose silicone gel implants for their breast enlargement, Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Arthur Cambeiro can use the transaxillary endoscopic approach to create a naturally enhanced look that requires only a small incision in each armpit.

Las Vegas, Nevada (July 2008) – Women considering their breast enhancement options probably know that saline implants can be inserted through the armpit in a procedure known as transaxillary augmentation. But now, women considering breast augmentation in Las Vegas also can choose to have silicone gel breast augmentation performed using the transaxillary approach at SurgiSpa™ Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery.

The medical director of SurgiSpa, Arthur Cambeiro M.D., believes that many women will be excited to enjoy the benefits of both silicone gel implants and a minimal-scar breast enhancement method. Women can learn more about all their incision options with a special page on Dr. Cambeiro’s Web site.

Las Vegas plastic surgeon Dr. Cambeiro has offered transaxillary endoscopic augmentation mammoplasty, a procedure more commonly known as “no breast scar” augmentation, for hundreds of women over his years in practice. He can now use this technique to place either saline or silicone gel implants without any incisions or scarring on the breasts themselves.

“Some doctors may tell women that one of the downsides of silicone gel implants is that they require some degree of scarring on the breasts themselves,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “But by using the transaxillary approach, visible scarring on the breast is simply no longer required, regardless of the implant type chosen.”

For women who choose no breast scar silicone gel augmentation, surgery begins by making a small incision in each armpit. Through these incisions, Dr. Cambeiro is able to carefully insert and position each breast implant to create a pleasing, naturally-enhanced look. The fact that the underarm is a slight distance from the breast does not impact Dr. Cambeiro’s ability to subtly shape and fine-tune the implant’s position.

“The underarm is actually well-suited as a breast enlargement incision location,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “From there, I am able to access the underlying structures of the breast fairly easily. Also, any scarring that does occur is not very noticeable, even in revealing clothing and even when a woman raises her arms.”

The no breast scar enlargement in Las Vegas is possible thanks to a medical device known as the endoscope. Using this thin, camera-tipped probe, Dr. Cambeiro is able to see inside the body so he can carefully place silicone gel or saline implants without the need for large incisions on the breasts.

“I’m a big proponent of transaxillary endoscopic augmentation, regardless of the type of implant a woman chooses,” adds Dr. Cambeiro. “But I also have training and experience performing breast augmentation in Las Vegas using other incision methods, such as periareolar or inframammary crease approaches. I share my patients’ goals of creating a beautiful breast appearance, and will work to find the surgical method that’s right for them.”

The periareolar method involves an incision placed around the lower part of the areola (the dark skin that surrounds the nipple), while the inframammary method uses an incision located in the area where the lower part of the breast attaches to the chest wall. Dr. Cambeiro will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of each technique when a patient comes in for her office visit.

“Women shouldn’t write off breast augmentation, and silicone gel implants in particular, just because they are concerned about scarring,” says Dr. Cambeiro. “Modern surgical techniques at my Las Vegas plastic surgery practice make it easier than ever to achieve a smooth, naturally enhanced breast appearance no matter what implant type you choose.”

If you are considering breast augmentation in Las Vegas, request a consultation with Dr. Cambeiro to learn more about all of the available techniques.

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